2013-08-22 • Why a sportman needs to hydrate?
The hydration  is necessary to a good training performance. However is not a good choice drink too much before or during the...  (SEE MORE)
2013-08-22 • Nelson will encourage runners
In the next 22th September a race will happens along the River Tagus, at Cascais. Nelson Évora was invited to be part of...  (SEE MORE)
2013-07-30 • Nelson out of Moscow
During the last Sunday, Nelson was competing in Portuguese Championships to conquer the standards to Moscow. This was the last chance...  (SEE MORE)
2013-07-23 • Leiria to get the best of 2013
Nelson Évora didn’t reached the standards for the World Championship of 2013. The athlete has been out of the best...  (SEE MORE)
2013-07-15 • Nelson is in to inspire Portugal
After two years outside of the tracks, Nelson is the protagonist of a campaign to inspire and motivate his home country, Portugal...  (SEE MORE)
2013-06-26 • The 4th place of Dublin
Nelson Évora was one of the best Portuguese athletes during the European Team Championships (1st League). The competition...  (SEE MORE)
2013-06-18 • Next step: European Team Championships
Nelson is preparing the event during a training camp promoted by Portuguese Athletics Federation, to prepare the 1st League. Today...  (SEE MORE)
2013-06-13 • Nelson was second at Huelva
Yesterday (12th June), Nelson Évora moved to Huelva (Spain) to compete in Iberoamerican Meeting. This meeting was international...  (SEE MORE)
2013-06-10 • Nelson is approaching the standards
Nelson Évora was on the Portuguese Club Championship, representing Benfica and conquered the maximum number of points attributed...  (SEE MORE)
2013-06-06 • The captain will contribute to the club
Nelson Évora is the captain of the Track & Field team of Benfica and will contribute for the final place of Benfica during...  (SEE MORE)
2013-05-30 • Nelson is finally back
In last weekend Nelson returned to the competitions and used the red shirt of his club, Sport Lisboa e Benfica, during European...  (SEE MORE)
2013-05-21 • Nelson is back to conquer the glory
Nelson Évora will return to the competitions in the next weekend, during the European Clubs Cup Championship, representing...  (SEE MORE)
2013-04-09 • What is the importance of the food for me?
Some years ago I talked with my coach about my meals, my hydration and my trainings sessions. After that moment my results have...  (SEE MORE)
2013-03-28 • National Center of Training is the Nelson’s house
The National Center uses Jamor (Oeiras) infrastructures to host the main portuguese athletes. Actually this center is the official...  (SEE MORE)
2013-03-21 • How is the psychology inside Nelson?
In last 2010 the portuguese jumper was interviewed by Miguel Lucas, a portuguese coach with psychology skills. Nelson Évora...  (SEE MORE)
2013-03-12 • How can I recover the investment on my Adidas Boost?
Adidas and the portuguese shop "The Athlete's Foot" are promoting a pastime for all the people which use Adidas Boos...  (SEE MORE)
2013-03-07 • Nelson Évora will back to school
In past Nelson was student and after visited some schools while Olympic champion. Now the Portuguese athlete is promoting a new...  (SEE MORE)
2013-03-07 • The portuguese people trust Nelson
In the firts months of 2013 the Reader’s Digest studied the Trusted Brands of this year. The questionnaire was pointed to...  (SEE MORE)
2013-02-21 • Djunta Mon back this year
Djunta Mon (“join the hands”) has been one of the charity actions of Nelson Évora, promoting personal objects...  (SEE MORE)
2013-02-19 • What the sportsmen must drink
to be developed   (SEE MORE)
2013-02-15 • The Nelson\'s photos
All the pictures have a special mark on a sport career. During Nelson's career thousands of photos were taken, by thousand of...  (SEE MORE)
2013-01-29 • The campaigns (since 2009)
Nelson Évora is more than a simple athlete. Nelson is an individuality with presence inside the society, using solidarity...  (SEE MORE)
2013-01-22 • I’m in the social networks
Yes, it’s not a new for all the readers, but maybe can be a new for some of you. Beyond my official webpage (I have this space...  (SEE MORE)
2013-01-10 • My Youtube channel
One of the first online meet with the fans occured on Youtube, before Beijing 2008. On Youtube the portuguese champion published...  (SEE MORE)
2012-12-31 • “Principes do Nada” Gala
In past 21th december Nelson Évora was in the Gala, at Lisbon. The presence of Nelson was to support an humanitarian cause...  (SEE MORE)
2012-12-31 • VIP training session
In past 8th December, Nelson Évora and a set of VIP people shared the same training session. This session occurred in the...  (SEE MORE)
2012-12-25 • Holiday greetings
Nelson Évora every years use the web to announce the holiday greetings. You can watch the video with the Happy Christmas (...  (SEE MORE)
2012-12-18 • What is the daily routine of Nelson?
Nelson Évora is already preparing the targets of 2013. Like all the others, Nelson Évora has a sport routine, but...  (SEE MORE)
2012-12-06 • “Champions” Training Session
In 8th December, Nelson Évora will promote a training session with Portuguese VIP’s. The session will be reported here...  (SEE MORE)
2012-12-04 • The first answers...
During the last week we announced a mail with questions to Nelson Évora. Today you can read the answers of Nelson É...  (SEE MORE)
2012-11-29 • Asks Nelson!
It’s very usual and normal in the daily life of Nelson Évora : media asks, fans asks, etc. Now you have the chance...  (SEE MORE)
2012-11-27 • Scarves to aid solidarity
The return of the scarves of Modalfa (a portuguese shop) is a good contribution for solidarity purposes. Nelson Évora is the...  (SEE MORE)
2012-11-22 • My 10 favorite photos
Hoje quero trazer-vos dez das fotografias que marcam a minha carreira desportiva. Todas têm a sua histórias, todas...  (SEE MORE)
2012-11-20 • Restart to create new goals
Nelson Évora is going to the complete recovery, after a long stop. The portuguese athlete is full of motivation to prepare...  (SEE MORE)
2012-11-19 • New Website already Online
In the website, the internet users can find the most recent news and the most exclusive contents, as well as have access to his schedule...  (SEE MORE)
• Why a sportman needs to hydrate?