2013-06-26 • The 4th place of Dublin
Nelson Évora was one of the best Portuguese athletes during the European Team Championships (1st League). The competition was held at Dublin during the last weekend (22 and 23th June).
The Portuguese jumper was in triple jump event, performing 15.95 meters and the 4th place. The weather was the main opponent to the athletes, with a strong and random wind. “I gave my best to the team, taking into account the weather. With winds over 5 meters per second is very hard to jump far, specially for my technical features”.
The result was one of the best scores of the Portuguese team and Nelson conquered 9 points to Portugal. Nelson knows the results need an improvement: “My coach is very happy with my technical progress and with my realiability during the events”.
About meetings Nelson Évora is conservative yet. Now the Portuguese athlete is recovering after Dublin event and after will be the time to jump as far as possible. The target is the same indeed: the World Championship.
RESULTS (Triple Jump):
1. Fabian Florant (Netherlands) – 16.49
2. Zlatozar Atanasov (Bulgaria) – 16.15
3. Alexander Hochuli (Switzerland) – 15.98
4. Nelson Évora (Portugal) – 15.95
5. Marian Oprea (Romenia) – 15.86
6. Aleksi Tammentie (Finland) – 15.69
7. Igor Syunin (Estonia) – 15.20
8. Mattias Strom (Sweden) – 15.16
9. Robin Pál (Hungary) – 15.05
10. Martin Vachata (Czech Republic) – 14.61
11. Leopold Kapata (Belgium) – 14.14
12. Denis Finnegan (Ireland) – 14.04
Photo: Marcos Chuva