2013-07-30 • Nelson out of Moscow
During the last Sunday, Nelson was competing in Portuguese Championships to conquer the standards to Moscow. This was the last chance to try the standards and after the second attempt (16.41 meters) the audience was hopefully.
After the second attempt Nelson made 16.37, 15.91, 16.24 and 16.25, very far to the standards (16.85 meters). “I need to improve my shape, like in past I want to back with the same method”, said Nelson after the end of the event. During this season Nelson choose to compete less instead of pain in his leg.
This was the eighth victory made by Nelson during the Portuguese Championships.  This year the event was at Leiria, in the stadium where the first edition of European Team Championships was developed.
Now, Nelson will rest to think on the next season. The World Indoor Championships and the Europeu Championships wiil be the main moments of the season 2013/2014.